MKLO/Marunouchi International Law Office/Tokyo/Marunouchi

Practice Areas

Legal Services for Business Activities


Financial Regulation
(Banking, Securities, Insurance)
Capital Markets
Securitization Asset Management
Acquisition Finance Asset Finance
Financial ADR
(alternative dispute resolution)
Project Finance

02.Real Estate

Our real estate team consists of real estate experts and securities regulatory experts and will provide legal assistance and advice to a wide variety of transactions such as acquisitions and dispositions, financings, and formation of real estate funds.

Acquisitions of Real Estate Formation of Real Estate Funds
Real Estate Financings Securitization of Real Estate
Asset Management / Trustee Counsel Hospitality
Dispositions of Real Estate Liquidation of SPCs and related work


General Corporate Labor Law
Franchise M&A
Compliance Antitrust
Whistleblowing System Intellectual Property Law

04.International Affairs

Overseas Expansion/ Cross-border Investment Joint Ventures
International Disputes International Contracts

05.Corporate Crisis Management

Corporate Crisis/Misconduct Management Personal Information Protection

06.Legal Translation

Translation of Agreements, Filing Documents, Litigation Documents, Press Releases and other legal documents

Legal Services in case of Disputes/Litigation or Insolvency/Restructuring

01.Dispute Resolution

Civil Disputes/Commercial Disputes (Lawsuits/Mediation/Arbitration)


Voluntary Liquidation Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings / Corporate Reorganization Proceedings
Bankruptcy Proceedings/ Special Liquidation Proceedings Collection of Claims

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